At the Cedar Mountain Herb School, we put the WILD in Wildcrafting!


The wild plant Apprenticeship programs here at CMHS are field based, designed to expand students’ working knowledge of local medicinal plants, nutrition, and plants’ effects on the body systems. The programs cover identification, materia medica, sustainable harvesting methods, medicine making, plant constituents, basic anatomy and physiology, formulations, and so much more. Gain a deeper understanding of the wild medicinal and edible plants of the Pacific Northwest, and acquire valuable experience in making and using herbal medicines for home or business.

You’ll learn more about wild plants, the microbiome of your body and macrobiome of the world around you, how plants work in our bodies on a cellular/tissue/organ/system/total body level, and about yourself than you ever thought possible. A common thread that is said by the apprentices is that lives are changed. Sometimes very surprising decisions are made, paths take turns, and new directions are found. And best yet, you’ll be with people from your tribe, and things get real! How cool is that?!?!


Summer 2019 TUESDAY Apprenticeship Program

Summer 2019 THURSDAY Apprenticeship Program