Welcome to the Cedar Mountain Herb School –
We’re so glad you’ve chosen us for your herbal education!

We’re back in the saddle and would love to see you in our hands-on workshops! We will make sure to practice common sense in regards to avoiding the covid virus, which will include having a warm water and soap handwashing station at each workshop. We are so excited to meet with you all again and hope to see you in these so important workshops! Build your herbal apothecary and be prepared for what comes your way! xoxo Be blessed and be healthy!

Based in Bothell, Washington – a short jaunt from Seattle – CMHS is one of the longest-running herbal schools in the Pacific Northwest. Community workshops are held at a variety of locations in Western and Central Washington and will be plainly noted in the workshop descriptions.

At CMHS, we strive to harvest wild plants away from the public eye, in places where few people go, which means that there is very little footprint from the casual harvester/hiker/other herb schools. I hold the land and plants very dear, as the wealth of herbal medicine on the land is exquisite. It’s an amazing feeling to harvest without worrying whether others will come behind to take as well. Precious plants need to be protected. Wildcrafting places are sacred to the person who took the time to find them. It’s a privilege to be in these place, and I welcome the opportunity to take the few who have a passion for harvesting wild plants who come to CMHS for instruction. I would love to show you my treasures!

During the harvest intensives and apprenticeship programs, students gather wild herbs, process plant matter, and make appropriate remedies for the topic. Each workshop covers medicinal uses for the plants harvested, case study stories, anatomy and physiology, with best preparations for extracting and preserving the medicinal constituents, and appropriate applications.

“We tend to eat what we’re familiar with, let’s become familiar with the weeds!”
Suzanne Tabert

We are SO thrilled for the workshop offerings this summer and fall! We’ve brought in one of my favorite herbal instructors, we call her Hydrosol Heather, but she’s much more than that! Between Heather and Suzanne, we’ve got an amazing lineup for everyone, with a focus on immunity building, respiratory relief, and practical steps to overcome covid anxiety! Really, check out the workshops, we are confident that what we have on offer is exactly what YOU need!

Suzanne and the spring apprentices navigated the program online for the first few weeks, then were able to get together (with social distancing) halfway through in order to harvest plants and work one on one with them! They learned SO MUCH about how to get healthy and stay healthy and calm and now have tools to share with others. Alison, one of the apprentices, told me today that I taught them about the medicine of 105 plants! I had no idea! Plus they learned so much more.

The summer and Roots to Tips programs are going like gangbusters and we are so happy to be with the plants! If you weren’t able to be in one of our programs this year, get ready for next year – we have some amazingly fun things planned!

PLEASE NOTE:  We will gladly give refunds minus a 20% processing fee up to 14 days before a community workshop. We have a no refunds policy for cancelling 14 days or less before a workshop and for no shows. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding. 

Community workshops at CMHS are super fun and packed full of valuable herbal information!

Feel free to email your requests to
for winter 2020 online workshops and 2021 hands on workshops and programs.

Stay updated on the adventures at CMHS and a wealth of herbal information on our blog, Instagram and Facebook!

Suzanne’s wildcrafting courses have been a source of reconnecting to nature, community, and super good times! Being out in nature as you are being taught about the plants is a really great learning tool… you get way more information! —Allison H.

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Summer Thursday Wildcrafting Apprenticeship Program Begins!

Instructor: Suzanne Tabert

A wildcrafting adventure that strengthens the students’ knowledge of plant medicine and changes lives for the better! We go where the plants grow and put the WILD in wildcrafting!

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Yarrow harvest Intensive in Central Washington

Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Teanaway Community Forest near Easton – right over the pass!

Yarrow is a Jack of all trades and an excellent antiviral. Join herbalist extraordinaire Heather as she shares her wisdom about one of her all time favorite plants in a beautifully scenic area of Washington. Students will have the opportunity to experience harvesting and making remedies to take home to add to their herbal apothecary!

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Building Robust Immunity and Mental Health with Herbs and Common Sense Practices: Part 1 – Gut Health

Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
Location: Suzanne’s herb sanctuary near Snoqualmie Falls

In this season of physical and emotional upheavals, it’s imperative to build a vigorous immune system. Where does it start? Gut health has supreme influence on the digestive process, immunity, and our ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Gut health is the cornerstone to healthy nervous and immune systems. Explore this connection, harvest plants, and make remedies in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet!

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Building Robust Immunity and Mental Health with Herbs and Common Sense Practices: Part 2 – Adaptogens

Instructor: Erin Vanhee and Suzanne Tabert
Location: Forest Park, Everett, WA

Adaptogens modulate our response to physical, emotional and environmental stress, supporting the interconnected neuroendocrine and immune systems. But what makes a plant an adaptogen? Come join the conversation and sort out some of the misconceptions of plants that help us adapt to a changing world.

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Growing Medicinal Herbs in YOUR Garden

Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
Location: My garden, of course – in Woodinville!

You asked for a “what should I grow in my garden” workshop and I heard! Herbs to calm nervous jitters, herbs to fight viruses, herbs to strengthen body systems, and many more medicinals easily grow here in the Pac NW! Join me in an info packed, bees buzzin’, good time in the garden!

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Hawthorn Harvest Intensive

Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Seattle Park – directions will be provided in confirmation email

Hawthorn, the “everything is going to be ok” herb is so needed now more than ever! As hawthorn has a strong relaxing effect on the central nervous system, it is particularly helpful for those who are going through life transitions and dealing with grief, stress, and societal anxiety.

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Botanical Primer Mini Apprenticeship

Instructor: Heather Bruno

Whether you are just getting started in the amazing world of herbal medicine or a seasoned herbalist desiring to go deeper in herbal studies with hands-on field work, the Botanical Primer is an excellent opportunity for a deeply rooted exploration of wild plants. It’s transformational!

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Winter Wellness Series Part 1 – Elderberry Remedies and Fire Cider

Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle

Sail through the winter healthy and ready to enjoy the season with part 1 of our winter wellness series. You can stay healthy when everyone around you gets sick – adaptogenic herbs and lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference! The first part of the workshop will focus on building a strong immune system, including the anatomy of a fever, and how to work with our body’s own immune responses to ward off invaders. Then we’ll delve into herbal remedies!

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Field Hydrosol Distillation
and Harvest Intensive

Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Irene Rinehart Park in Ellensburg, WA

It’s baaaaack! Hydrosol Distillation in the high desert! A perfect setting to distill Central Washington ponderosa pine and willow into their steamy essence. After the hydrosol distillation is complete, Heather will take everyone to her favorite sage gathering site for an opportunity to learn, hands on, the mysteries and benefits of this fragrant aster family plant!!!

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Winter Wellness Part 2 – Herbal Care for Colds and Flus

Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle

Part 2 in our Winter Wellness series focuses on how to kick a cold before it takes hold or at least shorten the duration and using natural, effective remedies for colds and flus. Fill your winter herbal toolbelt with this respiratory remedy go-to workshop where students will take home lots of “get the medicine to the people in a way that everyone will delight in taking so that healing can occur!

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Natural Soapmaking and Body Butter Basics

Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle

Botanical Skin Care, Naturally! Ditch the chemicals and harmful environmental ingredients in commercial body care products and learn to make them using all natural and nourishing ingredients! Redefine beauty – healthy skin is in!

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Taking your class was one of the best decisions of my life. Seriously. Being a part of the lovely, wise world of plants has brought me back to who I am. I realized a few months ago, that the Emily I’m most happy with and the one who feels right is the Emily that gets up early every Tuesday and drives up to your homestead and is home. The space that you create and nurture and fill with the magic of herbal medicine is such a glorious place to be and learn and grow in. You, as a person and strong badass wildcrafter, are an inspiration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart —Emily B.

Thank you for being an amazing teacher!!! You have blessed me so much and I have learned so so much from you. Love always, – Charmian T.

Your mini apprenticeship was tremendous! The amount of learning, and the way that you teach, was perfect. Every week I would drive from Tacoma and return later that evening with jars of tinctures, decoctions and a feeling of delight that would last all week until the following Saturday. My herbal experience was at a novice level and now I am much more confident in plant identification, uses of various herbs, and want to do more classes so I can incorporate herbals into my private practice, and not exclusively for my personal use. Finding your program was a Godsend! I appreciate you imparting your knowledge to others and incorporating the art & science of herbal medicine as well as the craft of making medicine. The timing of this class was exquisite and provided me lots of comfort in a very challenging, and unexpected, life transition. I already miss the group members, the energy, and long for the next class that I can attend. Much gratitude!– Erin J-K.

“The plants are always teaching us; all we need to learn is to open our senses to them.” Suzanne Tabert

devils club

I have so many favorites I have learned from you.. Most recently, I used the cold/ flu tincture just last week when I was sick – Cottonwood buds, spruce tips, salal, fir tips, honey, ginger and brandy. I think what really cured me was remembering the “salal chew test” and the cold crisp morning hike to gather the plants to make it. Thank you, Suzanne —Thea R.

I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your time and plant wisdom with all this weekend. It was really a treat to learn from you, and to spend time with somebody so obviously thriving in their gift (of teaching plant medicine). As a soon-to-be Bastyr grad, I feel the fatigue that has come from the last 2 years of super-intense-college life. To learn from you was sincerely refreshing and encouraging. What you had to say about Mugwort yesterday really resonated with me. I generally like to take pictures of badass women doing cool shit in the woods, and let’s just say you fit my criteria quite nicely 🙂 – Laura B

I’m so grateful that you’ve dedicated your life to learning about plant medicine and that you’ve chosen to share your vast knowledge with students. This apprenticeship has been a dream come true and I can’t thank you enough for all the time, energy, and heart you put into it. – Emily M.

Thank you for all you’ve been, all you’ve taught, all you’ve shared over this past year! So grateful for your knowledge, your love and encouragement, your generosity and all the wonderful adventures this year has brought!! Love and appreciate you greatly! Going to miss the fun times, the treasures, the laughs and all the beautiful wealth of knowledge you constantly give. – Amethyst G.

Suzanne is a boss and she is offering us all access to the extensive knowledge she’s accumulated over a lifetime. Come as you are, and learn about this medicine that is growing in our backyards, and on our walks through the city, and in our mountains. This is information for the people, to heal them and make them happy and comfortable and well. She’ll take you there and enable you to make it for yourself, and for everyone else you know.— Hailey M.

To share with you the results of the elderberry knowledge I have received with your training and the things I have learned on my own. My youngest son came home last week really congested and goopy gross from work. Everyone caught the sickness. He followed my simple protocol that I received while training in your apprenticeship class and was the last to get the cold and the first to get over it. Everyone was so surprised at how quickly he got better and now are asking him how to fix it because they have contracts and can’t afford to miss out on work. Thought you would like to know how the knowledge you are passing on is working in the real world. – Deanna H.

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of the Tuesday Apprenticeship program. It has truly been the highlight of my first months in Seattle, from the amazing new landscapes to the gorgeous plants to the stunning vistas and even more stunningly fabulous women!! You are truly the Mother of the Plant People, to be sure. Thank for for all you have taught me and I look forward to more this summer! – Jen S.

Thank you for the wonderful learning experience. You have taught me so much about Mother Earth and the body. I will treasure each journey I had with you and our herbal tribe! You have so much wisdom; I would gladly take another apprenticeship from you again.” – Aliya S.