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All Community Workshops are suspended until we know better when it will be safe to gather again.
Thank you all for your flexibility and patience as we all navigate these uncharted waters. Be blessed and be healthy! 


Based in Bothell, Washington – a short jaunt from Seattle – CMHS is one of the longest-running herbal schools in the Pacific Northwest. Community workshops are held at a variety of locations in Western and Central Washington and will be plainly noted in the workshop descriptions.

At CMHS, we strive to harvest wild plants away from the public eye, in places where few people go, which means that there is very little footprint from the casual harvester/hiker/other herb schools. I hold the land and plants very dear, as the wealth of herbal medicine on the land is exquisite. It’s an amazing feeling to harvest without worrying whether others will come behind to take as well. Precious plants need to be protected. Wildcrafting places are sacred to the person who took the time to find them. It’s a privilege to be in these place, and I welcome the opportunity to take the few who have a passion for harvesting wild plants who come to CMHS for instruction. I would love to show you my treasures!

During the harvest intensives and apprenticeship programs, students gather wild herbs, process plant matter, and make appropriate remedies for the topic. Each workshop covers medicinal uses for the plants harvested, case study stories, anatomy and physiology, with best preparations for extracting and preserving the medicinal constituents, and appropriate applications.

“We tend to eat what we’re familiar with, let’s become familiar with the weeds!” Suzanne Tabert

Suzanne’s wildcrafting courses have been a source of reconnecting to nature, community, and super good times! Being out in nature as you are being taught about the plants is a really great learning tool… you get way more information! —Allison H.

Taking your class was one of the best decisions of my life. Seriously. Being a part of the lovely, wise world of plants has brought me back to who I am. I realized a few months ago, that the Emily I’m most happy with and the one who feels right is the Emily that gets up early every Tuesday and drives up to your homestead and is home. The space that you create and nurture and fill with the magic of herbal medicine is such a glorious place to be and learn and grow in. You, as a person and strong badass wildcrafter, are an inspiration. I thank you from the bottom of my heart —Emily B.

I have so many favorites I have learned from you.. Most recently, I used the cold/ flu tincture just last week when I was sick – Cottonwood buds, spruce tips, salal, fir tips, honey, ginger and brandy. I think what really cured me was remembering the “salal chew test” and the cold crisp morning hike to gather the plants to make it. Thank you, Suzanne —Thea R.

Suzanne is a boss and she is offering us all access to the extensive knowledge she’s accumulated over a lifetime. Come as you are, and learn about this medicine that is growing in our backyards, and on our walks through the city, and in our mountains. This is information for the people, to heal them and make them happy and comfortable and well. She’ll take you there and enable you to make it for yourself, and for everyone else you know.— Hailey M.

I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your time and plant wisdom with all this weekend. It was really a treat to learn from you, and to spend time with somebody so obviously thriving in their gift (of teaching plant medicine). As a soon-to-be Bastyr grad, I feel the fatigue that has come from the last 2 years of super-intense-college life. To learn from you was sincerely refreshing and encouraging. What you had to say about Mugwort yesterday really resonated with me. I generally like to take pictures of badass women doing cool shit in the woods, and let’s just say you fit my criteria quite nicely 🙂 – Laura B.

Thank you for being an amazing teacher!!! You have blessed me so much and I have learned so so much from you. Love always, – Charmian T.

To share with you the results of the elderberry knowledge I have received with your training and the things I have learned on my own. My youngest son came home last week really congested and goopy gross from work. Everyone caught the sickness. He followed my simple protocol that I received while training in your apprenticeship class and was the last to get the cold and the first to get over it. Everyone was so surprised at how quickly he got better and now are asking him how to fix it because they have contracts and can’t afford to miss out on work. Thought you would like to know how the knowledge you are passing on is working in the real world. – Deanna H. 

Your mini apprenticeship was tremendous! The amount of learning, and the way that you teach, was perfect. Every week I would drive from Tacoma and return later that evening with jars of tinctures, decoctions and a feeling of delight that would last all week until the following Saturday. My herbal experience was at a novice level and now I am much more confident in plant identification, uses of various herbs, and want to do more classes so I can incorporate herbals into my private practice, and not exclusively for my personal use. Finding your program was a Godsend! I appreciate you imparting your knowledge to others and incorporating the art & science of herbal medicine as well as the craft of making medicine. The timing of this class was exquisite and provided me lots of comfort in a very challenging, and unexpected, life transition. I already miss the group members, the energy, and long for the next class that I can attend. Much gratitude!– Erin J-K. 

“The plants are always teaching us; all we need to learn is to open our senses to them.” Suzanne Tabert

“Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of the Tuesday Apprenticeship program. It has truly been the highlight of my first months in Seattle, from the amazing new landscapes to the gorgeous plants to the stunning vistas and even more stunningly fabulous women!! You are truly the Mother of the Plant People, to be sure. Thank for for all you have taught me and I look forward to more this summer!” – Jen S. 

“Thank you for all  you’ve been, all you’ve taught, all you’ve shared over this past year! So grateful for your knowledge, your love and encouragement, your generosity and all the wonderful adventures this year has brought!! Love and appreciate you greatly! Going to miss the fun times, the treasures, the laughs and all the beautiful wealth of knowledge you constantly give.” –  Amethyst G. 

“I’m so grateful that you’ve dedicated your life to learning about plant medicine and that you’ve chosen to share your vast knowledge with students. This apprenticeship has been a dream come true and I can’t thank you enough for all the time, energy, and heart you put into it.” – Emily M.

“Thank you for the wonderful learning experience. You have taught me so much about Mother Earth and the body. I will treasure each journey I had with you and our herbal tribe! You have so much wisdom; I would gladly take another apprenticeship from you again.” – Aliya S.

“I loved learning about Hawthorn from you Suzanne. It is one of my plant allies and one that has benefited my family’s health directly and dramatically. I literally stumped doctors with its results.” – Deanna H.

Learned so much! Grateful to you and Erin for sharing a wealth of information (and your experiences) with us. Bonus: love, laughter and wonderful community. Departed with many tools in my tool belt. So blessed to spend a day with a group of truly amazing women!” – Joanie H.

We are SO thrilled for the workshop offerings this year!!! We’ve brought in 3 amazing instructors who will share their particular herbal knowledge from herbal energetics to mushroom medicine to wild plant harvest intensives and more! Suzanne will be teaching community workshops through June, then will be concentrating on the herbal apprenticeships and an exciting new training program that will be unveiled by January 9th! 

Please check out our amazing 2020  apprenticeship programs. Registration for them is open. The spring program is full, however the Roots to Tips and summer programs have openings.

PLEASE NOTE:  We will gladly give refunds minus a 20% processing fee up to 14 days before a community workshop. We have a no refunds policy for cancelling 14 days or less before a workshop and for no shows. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding. 

Community workshops at CMHS are super fun and packed full of valuable herbal information!

January 2020:

Saturday the 25th: Natural Soapmaking!
Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Heather’s home in Burien
Start the new year with a clean slate and learn to create all-natural handcrafted artisan soap!


Saturday, the 1st: Food Remedies: Cooking with Wild and Fermented Foods
Instructors: Suzanne Tabert, Rainer Stalhberg PhD, Kimberley Hiner
Location: Bastyr University
Explore how to incorporate herbal remedies and wild edible plants into your diet to help boost your overall health with 3 gifted herbalists.

Saturday, the 8th: Cooking With Antioxidants
Instructors: Suzanne Tabert, Rainer Stalhberg PhD, Kimberley Hiner
Location: Bastyr University
Discover the best ways to strengthen immunity naturally. Learn to prepare super-charged bone broth, elderberry elixirs, and a decadent blueberry dessert.

Saturday, the 8th: Valentine’s Gifts of Love
Instructors: Heather Bruno
Location: Suzanne’s home in Bothell
Join Heather for a day of making herbal truffles and other decadent delights both edible and skin care that are not only scrumptious but good for you!

Saturday, the 15th: Food Remedies: Cooking Anti-inflammatory Meals
Instructors: Suzanne Tabert, Rainer Stalhberg PhD, Kimberley Hiner
Location: Bastyr University
Explore how to make herbal anti-inflammatory infused sauces and bitters, and a warming spicy chili stew with 3 gifted herbalists.

Saturday/Sunday the 22nd and 23rd: Bastyr Wildcrafting Elective
Open to Bastyr students and alumni only. Please contact Bastyr’s registrar’s office to be put on the waitlist!

Saturday the 29th: Energetics of Herbal Medicine
Instructor: Jill Allison
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle
Humans and plants both have energetic patterns. In understanding and matching these patterns, we can more successfully ask for the help of our plants allies in maintaining our health and balance. We’re thrilled to bring Jill on board with her amazing take on herbal medicine! We hope to see more of Jill’s workshops in the summer!


Saturday the 7th: Wildcrafting Harvest Intensive: Nettles
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
Location: Discovery Park, Seattle
Explore medicinal uses for nettle, Urtica dioica, case study stories, instruction for appropriate uses, dosages, and applications, and make field remedies!

Loved the Nettles class!!! You have so much knowledge. When you talk it’s like reading a book that I am frantically highlighting all over the place! – Zach B.

Saturday the 14th: Herbal Apothecary – Self Reliant Herbalism
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle
Why buy herbal products when it’s so fun and empowering to make them on your own? Making herbal medicine is a fun exploration into learning about herbal preparations while saving money! Gain the skills needed to feel confident knowing when to pick plants at their strongest and how to process them to ensure that the remedies will be high quality herbal medicine that really works!

Saturday the 21st: Wildcrafting Harvest Intensive: Douglas Fir
Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Suzanne’s herb sanctuary near the Snoqualmie area
Emerge from winter hibernation and come celebrate the Spring Equinox by learning about one of the most prolific, health giving trees in the Pacific Northwest – Douglas Fir, Pseudotsuga menziesii.

Saturday the 28th: Phytochemistry for Beginners: Constituent Groups and the Menstrua That Love Them
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle
Long awaited and asked for workshop! Suzanne will unpack major groups of phytochemicals and give a breakdown on what they are and how to best handle them in your preparations.


Friday the 3rd Spring Wildcrafting Apprenticeship Program Begins!
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
A wildcrafting adventure that strengthens the students’ knowledge of plant medicine and changes lives for the better! We go where the plants grow and put the WILD in wildcrafting!

Saturday the 4th: Medicinal Mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest
Instructor: Anna Sitkoff
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle
Explore medicinal mushrooms on multiple levels through the eye of ethnomycology, biochemistry, pharmacognosy, and the most current research. We’re super excited to bring locally renowned Anna Sitkoff on board to share her mushroom wisdom!

Saturday the 11th: Making Medicine with Medicinal Mushrooms
Instructor: Anna Sitkoff
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle
Making medicine with mushrooms is truly a thing of magic and beauty. From teas and tinctures to syrups and lotions, this hands on workshop will provide a better understanding of mushroom medicine through working with the mushroom!

Saturday and Sunday the 11th and 12th Roots to Tips Weekend Apprenticeship Program Begins!
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
A wildcrafting adventure that strengthens the students’ knowledge of plant medicine and changes lives for the better! We go where the plants grow and put the WILD in wildcrafting!

Saturday the 18th: Home Hydrosol Distillation
Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Phinney Neighborhood Center, Seattle
The ancient art of hydrosol distillation made from fresh flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and seeds is one that deepens our relationships with plants. They are safer than essential oils, gentle, easy to use, and so much fun to make!


Saturday/Sunday the 16th and 17th: Bastyr Wildcrafting Elective
Open to Bastyr students and alumni only. Please contact Bastyr’s registrar’s office to register!

Saturday the 16th: Cultivating Your Relationship With Plants
Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Discovery Park, Seattle
Humans and plants have a complex relationship that goes back millenia. There may be certain plants that are calling to you. Why might that be There is medicine that comes from the plants and there is medicine simply spending time with and learning about plants. The plants that live where we do are the ones that contain the essence of what we need bring balance and healing to our body, mind and spirit. Plants know. We just need to open up to their communication.

Saturday the 23rd: Wildcrafting Harvest Intensive: Ponderosa Pine, Desert Sage, Willow AND Field Hydrosol Making!
Instructor: Heather Bruno and Suzanne Tabert
Location: Irene Rhinehart Riverfront Park, Ellensburg
Explore pine, willow, and sage – their medicine, magic, and constituents, while we dive into the alchemy of the ancient distillation process using a traditional copper alembic still, which is a beautiful work of art in itself! Heather is a master at distilling plants and her passion shows her intimate knowledge of both the plants and distillation process. EEEEE! So excited for this workshop!


Saturday the 6th: Botanical Skin Care, Naturally!
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
Location: Phinney Community Center, Seattle
We’ll unpack what makes up skin care products, the healthful ingredients and the ones we just don’t want to use and why, and begin a journey towards a healthier, more beautiful you. Layering skin care is so important to beautiful, healthy skin. Students will take home beautifying skin products and may purchase, at a discount, Suzanne’s Botanical Skin Care, Naturally! book that will be published in time for the workshop! Feel confident in the skin you’re in!

Saturday the 13th: Wildcrafting Harvest Intensive: Yarrow in Central Washington
Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Just over Snoqualmie Pass near Easton Lake
Yarrow, Achillea millefolium, is a simply beautiful yet incredibly complex plant that works with the body’s needs to support health and well-being. Its unique and often contradictory actions go beyond physical uses to support us emotionally as well. Yarrow both elevates and grounds, stimulates and relaxes, promotes and moderates, warms and cools. In an amazing setting in the Cascade Mountains of Central Washington just over Snoqualmie pass near Easton Lake, students will learn how to correctly identify and ethically harvest yarrow.

Saturday the 20th: Gut Health: The Chronic Inflammation and Anxiety Connection
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
Location: Suzanne’s herb sanctuary near Snoqualmie Falls
Science is finally stepping up to the plate and acknowledging the supreme power that gut health has on the digestive process, chronic inflammation, and our ability to cope with stress and anxiety. Explore this connection, harvest plants, and make remedies in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet!


Thursday the 9th: Summer Thursday Wildcrafting Apprenticeship Program Begins!
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
A wildcrafting adventure that strengthens the students’ knowledge of plant medicine and changes lives for the better! We go where the plants grow and put the WILD in wildcrafting!

Friday the 10th: Summer Friday Wildcrafting Apprenticeship Program Begins!
Instructor: Suzanne Tabert
A wildcrafting adventure that strengthens the students’ knowledge of plant medicine and changes lives for the better! We go where the plants grow and put the WILD in wildcrafting!

Saturday the 13th: Wildcrafting Harvest Intensive: St. John’s Wort in Central Washington
Instructor: Heather Bruno
Location: Just over Snoqualmie Pass near Easton Lake
St John’s Wort, Hypericum perforatum, is an important plant to know and utilize. It aids in resolving pain on both physical level and emotional. This sunny plant with perforated leaves and bright yellow flowers blooms around the time of Summer Solstice and can literally let in the light when we are experiencing sadness or depression as it elevates our spirits, helps us regain energy and motivation, and reclaim joy and a positive outlook on life.


Thursday-Sunday the 20th – 23rd NorthWest Herb Symposium
Location: Camp Casey, Whidbey Island
Herbal intensives, lectures, plant walks presented by well known herbalists including Suzanne Tabert


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