Recipe: Herbal Truffles

These herbal truffles are super yummy, and can be adapted to accommodate needs and what you have in your apothecary. See the combinations below for suggestions.


Base truffle ingredients:

7-8 dates
1/3 cup nut or seed butter of choice
1/3 cup oats – powdered in a coffee grinder
1/3 cup coconut – ground in a coffee grinder
3 Tbsp. roasted dandelion roots
2 Tbsp. plain or herbal honey
1 Tbsp. herbal elixir of choice


Mix all ingredients in a food processor until a thick paste. Roll into small balls and dip in melted chocolate with a bit of creamed coconut. 1 Tbsp. creamed coconut to 1 lb. chocolate chips. Sprinkle with toasted coconut, a pinch of Himalayan mineral salt, and/or a bit of dried rose petal. Roll in the unsweetened coconut flakes. Each batch makes about 20 truffles.  They freeze well and can be frozen for a month or so.


Ingredient suggestions:

Crushed cacao nibs, chopped raisins or figs. Put a fresh blueberry or raspberry in the middle of each ball! Add a ½ tsp. bee pollen to the mix. How about flax and sesame seeds? Almond and rice flour. Or how about rolling the balls in powdered baker’s chocolate? The point is to make it fun and tasty, herbal and healthy. Let your imagination go, the possibilities are endless! If using fresh fruit, refrigerate and eat within a couple days or freeze.


As far as the herbal honey and elixirs, contemplate these options:

Energy and anti-inflammatory: Nettle powder and bee pollen. Willow honey.
Stress and anxiety relief:  Wild rose, lavender and/or hawthorn honey and elixir.
Cough and cold relief: Cough and cold elixir, of course! Grindelia honey. Balm of Gilead (cottonwood leaf bud) honey.

For instructional info for making herbal honeys and elixirs, go to our medicine making tutorial.

Happy truffle making!!!

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