Wildcrafting: Nettles in the Park!

Saturday, March 23
10 am – 1 pm
Fee: $85


Stinging nettle, Urtica dioica, is a commonly used herb with uncommon medicine!

It’s a powerhouse anti-inflammatory/astringent/decongestant to all mucosa, assisting in relieving sinus and lung congestion. Nettles shrink and tone bladder and urethral membranes. Nettles balance the lung tissue, flush the renal system – a “go to” herb for treating acute and chronic UTIs!

Nettles are helpful in treating aggravated psoriasis, eczema, and arthritis symptoms. The lovely nettle is a micro-nutrient rich green food that helps build blood and tissues, giving our mitochondria what it needs to make fuel to keep our bodies working properly. Nettle has a positive effect on traumatized skin. Nettles can help a person dealing with anemia, allergies and more. The time to harvest nettles is now, before they flower. Just make sure to wear kitchen gloves to avoid the “sting” of the acid housed in the hollow hairs that reside all over this amazingly valuable plant.

Common “knowledge” is that nettles are “good for” adrenal fatigue, and that a person should take them 6 -8 weeks before their allergen kicks in for the season to prevent any attacks. Au contraire! Find out the real deal during our harvest time.

As always, I’ll cover a great deal of medicinal uses for nettles, in addition to case study stories, and instruction for appropriate uses, dosages, and applications. Are you a science geek? I’ll share specific chemicals in nettles which will give you the “why and how” nettles do what they do in YOUR body!

You’ll have an opportunity to make, take home, and/or sample nettle remedies including nettle vinegar, tincture, pesto, and nettle salt.

We will meet in a park in Seattle. Directions will be on the registration confirmation. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: This is an outdoor workshop in the park, so please be prepared for all weather.

What to bring:
Kitchen gloves
Plastic bag or basket
2 half pint jars with lids
Cutting board, chopping knife
half pint each of apple cider vinegar and 151 proof vodka or rum
Camp chair
Your sweet self!
Dress for changing weather or bring extras