Growing Medicinal Herbs in YOUR Garden
Saturday July 25
9am – 1pm
Fee: $95



You asked for a “what should I grow in my medicinal herb garden” workshop and I heard!

Spending time in a medicinal herb garden is healing by its very existence. The scent of flowers wafting in the air, bees happily buzzing from plant to plant, the feel of the soil under the feet and on the hands helps us to commune with nature and breathe deeply. Prattling around in the garden is one way I let go of stress that wants to keep me from being my best self. Planting and tending an herb garden is a meditation practice!

Common herbs like sage, anise hyssop, calendula, oregano, peppermint, monarda, and thyme not only bring beauty and pollinators to your garden, but are antimicrobial and antifungal to boot! Care to know more? Valerian, lavender, motherwort, catmint, chamomile are soothing nervines that help calm us in stressful times.

Traditionally, adaptogenic herbs have grown in some of the most inhospitable areas of the planet which likely gives them their stress and fatigue-fighting properties. These herbs bring strength to all body systems especially building a powerful immune system. You can grow adaptogenic herbs in YOUR garden! Ashwagandha, rosemary, and holy basil are but a few.

We’ll explore the folklore, medicine, care, and feeding of these herbs plus elecampane, chives, catnip, blueberries, fennel, horseradish, catmint, lavender, oats, lovage, and more medicinal plants that can be easily added to your garden to build your herbal apothecary.

Make and take:

  • Medicinal and nutritive vinegar
  • Herb infused honey
  • There will be an opportunity to dig up some starts to take home!!! Motherwort, spearmint, peppermint, and maybe more!

What to bring:

1. 2 half pint jars
2. Half pint each of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and honey
3. Cutting board and chopping knife
4. Notebook
5. Pad or blanket to sit on
6. Small digging trowel and pots or bags to take home starts

Location: My community garden plot at the east side of 21 Acres Farm in Woodinville. Directions to my garden will be in the confirmation email. Due to the small size of my garden (20×20), participants will be limited to 10.

Dress for the weather, and come prepared to have a relaxing, fun, and information filled time in the garden!

The workshop is full. Please check out our other workshops!