Foundations of Herbal Medicine Making 

Saturday, March 14
Time: 10 am – 3:30 pm 

Fee: $125


Why buy herbal products when it’s so fun and empowering to make them on your own? Making herbal medicine is a fun exploration into learning about herbal preparations while saving money! Gain the skills needed to feel confident knowing when to pick plants at their strongest and how to process them to ensure that the remedies will be high quality herbal medicine that really works!


Cultivating a relationship with medicinal plants | Medicinal oils and salves |  Tinctures and elixirs |  Plant infused honeys and syrups | Infused medicinal vinegars | Infusions and decoctions | Fresh herb salts |  Antiseptic sprays | Guidelines for foraging and harvesting 


1. What is herbal medicine? How do we use it safely and effectively?
Students will gain an understanding of herbal medicine – what it is, when to use it, and best techniques for processing plants. I’ll take the confusion out of which preparations and menstrua are most potent for extracting and preserving the variety of medicines in the plants. I’ll even throw in geeky science stuff like the specific chemicals found in the plants we use in the workshop that will give the “why and how” of what the plants do in the body. This gives the student valuable information to enable them to speak with confidence with those who may be reluctant to take herbal medicine.

2. We need options! It’s important to gain solid foundation in making the basics and having many options to accommodate preferences. How can we support a person with herbs if they won’t or can’t use alcohol tinctures, don’t like the taste of teas, or think that all herbal medicine is hippy voodoo? The goal is to get the medicine to the people in a way that they’ll be happy to take so that healing can occur! Students will learn many ways to add herbal medicine to their, and their loved ones, daily lives!

This is a fun and super packed demonstration workshop. Students will take home a medicinal salve and herbal elixir, and sample herbal treats!

What to bring:
Notebook and lunch