Fresh Herb Salts!

When I’m teaching my apprentices, a thread that continues throughout the programs is to get the medicine to the people in a way that they will enjoy taking. There are times when an alcohol tincture can’t or won’t be ingested for a variety of reasons. Alcoholism, religious beliefs, taste, etc. are among the many reasons that people may shy away from alcohol. People may not like the taste of herbal teas if they’re used to coffee, soda, energy drinks and such. What to do when we want to help heal and nourish our loved ones? Layer your herbal medicine with a variety of tasty treats!

Fresh Herb Salt:

Pick a half cup of *fresh* herbs of choice. Roughly cut them and place in a food processor with a half cup of salt. I use Himalayan pink mineral salts, but sea salt or other mineral salts will work just as well. Pulse until the herbs are finely ground. Add a half cup more salt, and pulse until mixed well. Put the herb salt on a paper plate or towel, let rest a couple of hours, then pour into a jar, fancy or plain. The herb salt will impart the medicine and flavor of the plants used to anything it’s sprinkled upon. The herb salt keeps on your counter indefinitely. Fresh herb salt is an easy and tasteful introduction to those who are wary of herbal medicine. Those who are old hat with herbs will find this to be a delightful addition to their apothecary.

Try these combos:

  1. Rosemary, sage, thyme and oregano – equal parts.
  2. Nettles
  3. Dandelion leaves
  4. Lovage leaves and chives
  5. Parsley and celery tops
  6. Lavender flower buds and spearmint
  7. Garlic and onion – 1 part garlic to half part onion

Sprinkle your herb salts in soups, stews, on popcorn. I sprinkle the parsley and celery salt on hot dogs. Chicagoans know what I’m talking about here. When I make bread, I use my herb salts instead of plain salt for extra flavor. When making chocolate treats such as sunflower nut cups, energy balls and chocolate bark, I use just a pinch of the herb salts visit this site on each piece. The varieties and uses are endless. Have fun!