Building Robust Immunity and Mental Health with Herbs and Common Sense Practices: Part 2 – Adaptogens

Adaptogens and Nervines as Support for Anxiety, Depression, and Stress Relief


Sunday July 19

Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Fee: $125
Instructors: Erin Vanhee and Suzanne Tabert

You don’t want to miss this 2 part workshop series! It might be the right fit for you, a co-worker, family member, and neighbor. 

Adaptogens modulate our response to physical, emotional and environmental stress, supporting the interconnected neuroendocrine and immune systems. But what makes a plant an adaptogen? Come join the conversation and sort out some of the misconceptions on plants to help you adapt to a changing world.

Anxiety and depression are normal reactions to life changes, covid uncertainty, relationship issues, scary diagnoses, financial issues, loss, day to day expectations, fears known and unknown, social media pressures, etc. For those wishing to navigate easier in this crazy world that just seems to be getting crazier, we’ll upack a wide variety of tricks and tips to make the journey easier.

Erin and Suzanne will share stories and approaches for relief of anxiety, stress, and depression. With trauma based and/or lifelong disorders, building resilience, growth, and even freedom can happen with focus and work. Nature provides a plethora of herbs for nerve health and repair. Be a part of the discussion to soothe and heal the nervous system, gain relief from stress, anger, insomnia, anxiety, fear, and depression, and the physical manifestations of these conditions.

Erin will bring her knowledge of the somatic uses of plants to the workshop. Using plants in the somatic model tends to bring aha moments and recognition as it gives a picture of recognizable symptoms and characteristics. Somatic herbalism is the physical response to plants in small doses that may not otherwise cause affect. Erin will guide the class into a group exploration of using plants somatically.

Suzanne will share a wide variety of herbs, practices, and tools to manage anxiety disorder, life transitions, covid craziness, travel anxiety, and difficult relationships.

What to bring:
1. Lunch, water, notebook
2. Camp chair

Activities! Attendees will participate in relaxing activities including an appropriate to the topic plant walk in the park, creative visualization, breathing techniques. Students will accumulate an herbal and self-care tool belt and take home a rock rose flower remedy and ponderosa pine/doug fir/desert sage hydrosol.


The elegantly beautiful Forest Park in Everett. Details will be in the confirmation email. We hope to see YOU there!

It’s been a life changing year, thank you so much! You have given me the most precious gifts of knowledge, strength, and friendship. I will cherish these for the rest of my life. – Heidi S.

Building Robust Immunity and Mental Health with Herbs and Common Sense Practices: Part 2 – Adaptogens 

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