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Welcome to the Cedar Mountain Herb School! Based in Washington State's beautiful Skagit Valley (Mount Vernon) an hour and a half north of Seattle, CMHS has been serving herbal students for 25 years. This makes it one of the longest-running herbal schools in the Pacific Northwest.

Cedar Mountain Herb School strives to inspire and guide students to better health through medicinal plants and health education on many levels - including diet and stress management. CMHS's hands-on, integrated botanical programs center on wild medicinal plants and their applications. We also mentor advanced students who have completed at least a full year apprenticeship at CMHS and are building their own herb businesses.

Students of many experiential levels attend CMHS: from MDs, naturopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, massage practitioners, and other health professionals; to students who wish to start an herb business; to those who want to practice on a friends-and-family level by providing healthy, nourishing herbs and remedies. All our students share a desire for valuable, practical herbal knowledge.

Motivated students participate in the Herbal Apprenticeship Programs, one-day workshops, and Herbal Intensives. Suzanne Jordan, primary instructor at CMHS, seamlessly bridges herbalism with Western medicine and science. Training at CMHS allows herbalists to speak the evolving language of modern medicine and helps medical doctors better equip themselves to answer their patients' herbal questions.

Get out into nature's classroom, get your hands dirty, meet the plants where they live, and start a relationship that will last a lifetime. You'll learn more about wild plants, their work in the body, and yourself than you ever thought possible. We go where they grow!

Suzanne Jordan, bioregional herbalist, is director of herbal education and herbal mentor at the Cedar Mountain Herb School. Suzanne teaches with great passion and excitement, bringing her wealth of herbal knowledge to students in an engaging and vibrant manner. Suzanne is the primary instructor at CMHS and an adjunct faculty member and practicum supervisor for students at Bastyr University.

Cedar Mountain Herb School is a member of the American Herbalists Guild and the American Herb Association.

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Saturday, August 1:
Harvesting Intensive: Sitka Valerian and Wild Ginger
with Suzanne Jordan

In this all-day class, we'll identify and harvest the sedative, muscle-relaxing Sitka Valerian and the heating, elimination-supporting Wild Ginger. We'll learn medicinal uses, discuss case studies and dosage, make tinctures and infused honeys, and have a grand old time.

Sunday, August 2:
Quit Buggin' Me! Part 2: Herbal Relief for Intestinal Parasites
with Suzanne Jordan

Intestinal parasites happen to the best of us. In this workshop, we'll sustainably harvest wild plants - including Oregon Grape, Alder, Yarrow, and Willow - and prepare a remedy to kill and expel intestinal parasites. We'll also go over appropriate dosages, plant parts to harvest, applications, and nutritional information. You'll take home the remedies you make!

Sunday, August 9:
Wild Medicinal Plant Walkabout: Discovery Park (Seattle)
with Suzanne Jordan

In our Wild Medicinal Plant Walkabouts, we'll start to solve the mystery of nature's "green blur." Join us at Fort Worden in Port Townsend for a full afternoon of learning plants' medicinal and culinary benefits, ethnobotany, harvesting methods, and indigenous plant uses. From the tallest tree to the deepest root, medicinal plants are all around us - even in the city parks!

Cedar Mountain Herb School is not equipped to provide lodging. Students must make their own arrangements when necessary.